Fountaingrove II East Architectural Guidelines

The Architectural Review Committee’s (ARC) responsibility is to ensure a continuity of design of Fountaingrove II East residential properties as specified in the CC&Rs and improve the appearance and enhance the overall value of every residential property in the development.

The ARC also seeks to ensure that each residential property is adequately maintained and that each building, structure and associated landscaping is kept in good condition, adequately painted and not permitted to fall into disrepair. The ARC further ensures that all landscaping, modification of structures, materials are compatible with the aesthetic character of our neighborhood.

The CC&Rs specify the ARC must consider the following when approving plans:

  • Conformity and harmony of external design with other Lots in the Development
  • Effect of the proposed building location on neighboring Lots
  • Relation of topography, grade and finished ground elevation of the Lot to that of adjoining Lots
  • Proper facing of elevations with respect to nearby streets and adjoining Lots


For information on construction practices for fire safety please view: for fire guidelines.

The ARC is dedicated to making the approval process for homeowners and simple, fast, and straightforward as possible. We hope these guidelines make it easy for you to know what is and is not allowed, and streamline the approval process.

  1. Grades, Slopes and Drainage: no Owner of any Lot shall in any manner alter, modify or interfere with the grades, slopes or drainage on any Lot or damage or interfere with established slope ratios, create erosion or sliding problems, or which may change the direction of flow of drainage channels or obstruct or retard the flow of water through drainage channels.
  2. Exterior Materials: exterior materials may be of wood, wood products, stucco, copper, stone or brick. No Lot shall use exterior wall materials of plywood, aluminum, other metal (besides copper), vinyl, or other plastics, or have a plastic or vinyl finish. Door and window frames shall be of wood, vinyl or metal materials, but in no case in bright aluminum or other bare metal color. Windows may be of vinyl.
  3. Roofs: all roofs shall be constructed of Class A, fire-retardant roof materials.
  4. Height: no improvement shall exceed two stories in height or be more than 35 feet in height from the finished grade immediately below the point of measurement. Fireplace chimneys may exceed this height by 24 inches to meet the City of Santa Rosa or any other applicable code requirement.
  5. Garages: each dwelling constructed on a Lot shall have at least a two-car garage, but not more than three garage doors may face the street. No carport shall be constructed or maintained on any Lot. Driveways shall conform to City of Santa Rosa code requirements.
  6. Color: except for doors, the exterior surfaces of all structures shall be painted in white, shades of blue or gray, or earth tones. Wood may be finished in stains.
  7. Utility Lines: except for temporary lines used during construction, all utility and service lines shall be under-ground, except access ports and above-ground transformers.
  8. Mechanical: all air conditioning, swimming pool, spa and other mechanical equipment located on a Lot shall be located at ground level and be screened so as to not be visible from public rights-of-way or other Lots.
  9. Fences: all fences visible from adjoining public rights-of-way shall be of wood, brick, stone, stucco or a combination of such materials and shall comply City of Santa Rosa
    Fences Walls and Screening guidelines.
  10. Solar Systems: all solar system collector units shall be integrated into the design of the dwelling. Panels must be of non-glare construction and frame and all mounting must be black. No conduit is to be run on the roof.
  11. Detached Structures and Additions: any solid walls on the Lot detached from the dwelling must be painted, stained or finished to blend with the dwelling and may be no more than 8 feet in height. Detached structures must maintain five-foot setbacks from rear and side yard fences. Additions to the main structure on a Lot must match it in color, materials, style, and quality of workmanship.
  12. Accessory Dwelling Units (Granny Units): lots 8,000 sq ft or larger may allow for detached granny units. Neighbor notification is required and all City of Santa Rosa zoning rules, setbacks, parking requirements and restrictions apply for construction of Accessory Dwelling Units. The ADU should match the style and color of the main home, be shielded from view by landscaping, and the design should not create an impact on any adjacent neighbors.
  13. Patios/Decks: patios and decks shall be permitted in rear and side yard areas, provided such patios and decks comply with any requirements of local law and otherwise do not extend to within two feet of any side or rear yard fence, do not alter, disrupt or interfere with any drainage swale or contour established on the Lot by Declarant or any Participating Builder and comply with such guidelines as may be adopted by the ARC.
  14. Pergolas & Gazebos: pergolas, gazebos and similar structures shall be permitted in rear or side yards only, provided the installation complies with any requirements of local law and they are at least five feet from any rear or side yard fence with a height limit of eleven feet. Gazebos shall be painted to match trim or body of main house or stained a neutral wood tone and shall be screened from adjacent Lots by landscaping.
  15. Spas and Hot Tubs: spas and hot tubs shall be permitted in rear and side yards only and in compliance with all City codes and regulations, including set-back requirements. All spas and hot tubs and mechanical equipment, pipes and wiring must be appropriately screened from view from any adjacent Lot by landscaping.
  16. Play Equipment: children’s play equipment shall be permitted in rear yards or side yards wider than 15 feet only, provided such equipment is constructed of wood materials or materials painted to match the color of the dwelling.
  17. Garden Sheds: garden sheds shall be permitted in rear yards and any side yard greater than ten feet wide and shall not exceed six feet in height nor have a floor area exceeding fifty square feet. Garden sheds shall be set back from adjacent fences at least three feet, and landscaping shall be installed to screen the shed from adjacent Lots.
  18. Trellises: trellises are permitted in rear and side yards and must comply with City of Santa Rosa ordinance.
  19. Dog Houses/Runs: dog houses shall be permitted in rear and side yards only, provided such dog houses are constructed so that no single dimension (i.e., height, length or width) exceeds sixty inches. Chain-link dog runs shall be permitted in rear yards and side yards if screened from adjacent Lots by landscaping, provided such chain-link dog runs are painted black and are constructed no higher than adjacent fences, or six feet, whichever is lower.
  20. Construction Signs: any construction sign must be no larger than 3’X4’ and removed upon completion of the rebuild/repair.