Frequently Asked Questions
Am I in Fountaingrove II East?
The Fountaingrove II East Architectural Review Committee serves Rincon Ridge Drive and all streets adjoining it, Hadley Hill and its adjoining streets, Rocky Point, Boulder Point, Daybreak Court and portions of Kendell Hill. Check out this map  Map of Fountaingrove II East.
What is the approval process?
The ARC is a five member elected board of your neighbors. All five members lost their home in the October 2017 fire and where elected for their first term in 2018. Each member reviews your design and judges if it meets the design criteria set out in the CCRs. Each member votes and the majority (3 out of 5) approves or denies the design. If the committee denies the design, we must tell you what you need to do to bring your design into compliance with the CCRs. 
When is neighbor notification required?
If you’re rebuilding using the exact same design and colors, no neighbor notification is required. If you’re changing your design or colors, neighbor notification is required.
If neighbor notification is required, which neighbors do I need to notify?

If you’re changing the design or colors of your home, neighbor notification is required. (No neighbor notification is required if rebuilding the exact same home and colors). Contact Jenn at and x116 for more information. for instructions on who to notify before you submit your application. Usually, any neighbor who can see your home from their home is notified. Neighbors have 7 days to alert the ARC of any issues they perceive.

How can I notify a neighbor if their house is not there?

Jenn at Focus – and x116 – will help facilitate neighbor notification for you. We realize it can be extremely difficult or impossible to notify every neighbor so we use a “reasonable effort” standard for notification.

Do my neighbors need to approve my design?
No. We require neighbor notification so we can uncover any potential issues early in the process — but your plans will be approved in accordance with the criteria in the CCRs.
Who enforces the parking rules?
The ARC (that’s us) is charged with enforcing the parking regulations. We strive to be reasonable to allow for visitors or occasional special circumstances, but the CCRs are specific that no car (or other vehicle) can be parked overnight on the street and we are charged with making sure the CCRs are followed.
Do we have an HOA?
No. In Fountaingrove II East we have and Architectural Review Committee (ARC). The ARC (that’s us) is charged with enforcing the CCRs and the OSMA takes care of all the open space in Fountaingrove II. It’s confusing, we know….
What if I have a complaint with a neighbor?

The ARC is charged with enforcing the CCRs which include landscape maintenance, parking restrictions and design or modifications of homes and structures. We rely on neighbors to alert us to any infractions. Once notified, we will investigate to determine if the complaint is legitimate and will take steps to help the offending neighbor come into compliance. Before you notify us of a complaint, please be sure you are acting on facts and not your feelings of a violation. Please contact Jenn at and x116 for more information.

When does the ARC meet?

The ARC meets monthly (or as needed). Please contact Jenn at Focus: and x116 – for the date and time.

What is neighbor notification?
If a homeowner is making changes that may impact their neighbors, the ARC will require neighbor notification. Neighbor notification is just that, a notification. This gives the potentially impacted neighbors 7 days to let the ARC know of any issues they perceive. The ARC takes neighbor input into account in an effort to promote harmony between neighbors. Neighbor approval is not required for ARC approval.